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 Make money online

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PostSubject: Make money online   Fri Jun 11, 2010 5:23 pm

Greetings. I decided to set this up to show and help you with the site: NeoBux. NeoBux is probably the best PTC site around on the internet.

I don’t usually endorse paid-to-click programs such as these however I was quite frankly impressed to say the least with Neobux that I have to share my experience.

NeoBux is a paid to click service that launched on the 1st of May 2008, the ‘innovation in PTC’ as their slogan boasts and for the first time perhaps, the slogan virtually describes exactly what the service is about. NeoBux is definitely an innovation in the ‘PTC industry’ which has been looked down upon for the numerous scams and ‘late payments’ from many services, that many people who were convinced by these ‘paid to click’ services now speak totally against it and label the entire industry as a breathing ground for scammers, and who can blame them.

Fortunately though just as the PTC industry looks like it’s crumbling away NeoBux was born. From the interface, to the very impressive support to the numerous other features NeoBux has definitely initiated the ‘second generation of paid to click services’. Their main feature is the instant, automated payment system where a user can request a payment upon reaching the minimum payout of $2 and then receives it instantly into their Alertpay or PayPal account.

Lead by a dedicated Administration, who has invested his invaluable time and money to make sure this service flourishes along with the quick support and response to feature and support requests NeoBux looks like it’s here to stay.

I’ve tried and researched through many paid to click services and by far NeoBux has turned out to be the best which you might have already guessed based on the praise for the service from the beginning of this post! There’s nothing really I can think of to complain about for this service but I guess one thing is the lack of ads to click comparatively as other services offer atleast 10 ads per day while NeoBux ranges from 5 – 10 ads per day which is a smart move I think instead of having ads sponsored by the service itself which would result in a cash flow problem and would eventually turn the service into a scam.

With the transparency, support and professionalism of the site i decided to invest money off my own pocket and i haven’t regretted it. I invested 90$($30 for referrals, $60 for golden membership) and made my investment and now in profit in less than a month.

Word of advice if you plan on investing: This PTC site is a lot different in terms of the system and how things run. I suggest you visit the NeoBux forum and read the news often for updates as well as the user written tutorials on how the system works and how to optimize your earnings.

Oh, and by the way they are fully functional with Paypal cashouts and purchases as well.

I’ve tried many PTC sites and I can safely say that Neobux is going to be around for a while from the great administration to the support to the script.

If you have any questions about Neobux feel free to leave a comment. I’ve been there since the day of the launch and pretty much know how the whole system works totally along with few other tips to maximize earnings.

You can sign up for NeoBux here . It’s completely free.Good luck.
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Make money online
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